The pig likes to touch sausages

The pig likes to touch sausages

The pig likes to touch sausages

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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Lana
Runtime 15:20

The pig likes touching sausages not just his own sausage JOI CEI COUNTDOWNS INCLUDED

The pig doesnt like girls anymore! The pig likes to touch his sausage! The pig wants to touch other sausages! The pig craves milk! The pig learns he is greedy and wants all the milk! He even wants other sausages milk! He learns all this through pulling on his own sausage! The pig inside once to be unselfish! The pig learns to be hardworking! The pig wants to become the 69 pig! 69 pigs dont fight over spilled milk! 69 pigs get all the milk! 69 pigs can stay milking each other for hours! The pig will learn JOI CEI CUM COUNTDOWNS The pig will learn everything! All the pig needs to do is just pull his sausage! The message will go deep! The pig craves sausages! The pig craves Milk! The pig will learn to be a 69 pig!

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