The Submissive Kiss

The Submissive Kiss

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 43 minutes

Put on your headphones, My submissive servant, and surrender your free will once more to My tranceTIC words, free falling into a delirious dreamy state, a heavenly sanctuary where My voice caresses the very core of who you are.

Stripped naked and kneeling before My absolute authority, feel My supreme power overwhelm you, all your senses focused entirely on Me as I seduce and dominate your mind priming it for the ultimate submissive embrace... Awash with rapturous bliss, feel the heat of My divine body, a passionate embrace from your Domina as you are compelled to press your lips against My moist panties, My swollen mounds a temple you've long dreamed to touch.

Lost in ecstasy, I ride your trancetized mind at a slow steady trot, driving you onwards, deeper down into ultimate submission. Feel My tender touch and lose yourself in the throes of passion, as I train your mind, body and spirit to let go and follow the graceful rhythm of My beguiling body. (giggles)

Extreme pleasure is within your grasp, My obedient slave, so get naked and prepare to be schooled in perfecting the SUBMISSIVE KISS for your Domina, a xxx erotic excursion you'll never forget!

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Customer Reviews

Shelles Slave Bubbels

The intense pleasure and sensations I felt during this session where profound and unforgettable! It felt like Princess Shelle was taking me into a dream within a dream within another dream as I feel deeper then ever before... And the climax to the AMAZING journey to Princess Shelles castle within my dreams was a literal dream cum true!!!!! OMG!!!! Just thinking about Princess Shelle fucking my mind SOOO incredibly profoundly blows my mind into a mental orgasm... Mmmm... Every second Princess Shelle took me deeper into my dreams is another second of falling even more deeply in love with her... I will do anything for my Princess and gladly give myself to her for her pleasure and servitude..... This has DEFINITELY become one of my favorite files from Domina Shelle!!!

Shelles Slave Bubbels

Domina Shelle has an amazing ability to trancetise someone through the telling of a story and this is a sublime example of Her style. Caught up in fantasy adventure, the imagery and the whole store is captivating before you find yourself in the presence of the Princess Herself.
At this point is becomes one of the most erotic and sensual files i have ever listened to. A true mind fuck, a sensual and lucid dream, the pleasure of serving Princess Shelle in a way that would enslave the strongest mind. This one will have you back time and time again.