Trigger Trap

Trigger Trap

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 46 minutes

As you may know by now, I frequently warn listeners of My files that doing so can profoundly change your life. This is never an idle claim, it's simply a fact I want you to be cognisant of each time you surrender, inevitably, to My soothing words, knowing how absolute My authority is. In this trance masterpiece I have crafted something very special for you, something that challenges your very notion of freedom and submission leaving you locked in perpetual servitude.

Be under no illusion, this EROTIC trance trigger'ed session is INTENSE MIND CONTROL and designed specifically to enslave and TRAP your will! Yes, I mean, literally SUBMITTING TO DOMINA'S WILL 24/7... As you consider those words, close your eyes and imagine the infinite bliss of SURRENDERING to your dangerous, deviant, Domina ad infinitum, always ready and willing to serve Me at My beck and call.

Intrigued? Well, the TRAP I have created (specifically for you) leverages on your unconscious actions to reinforce your prior subconscious conditioning, continuously triggering you. It's quite devious, really, but, I believe you are ready to take this next step on your journey to become My devoted obsedient slave. But, be warned, once you step inside My trancetic cage, there will be no way back, no escape, it is far too irresistible for your open suggestible mind to resist, plus W/we both know you secretly crave the idea of being "completely TRAPPED" by your wonderfully wicked Domina, teased and denied for eternity... ~~~giggles~~~

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Customer Reviews

Shelles Slave Bubbels

This may easily be Dominas most POWERFUL file yet... I was actually scared for the first time in a while before listening, but Domina will definitely take good care of you... giggles... Take her precautions seriously and know that there is NO going back after this one... I am in pure ecstasy and addicted to listening! Thank you Domina Shelle! I must obey Domina Shelle... what would she want me to do... I must obey Domina Shelle... what would she want me to do... I must obey Domina Shelle... what would she want me to do...

Shelles Slave Bubbels

Have you ever dreamed of being so mind controlled that the simplest of things would trigger you? Have you ever wanted to know what it's like when fantasy becomes reality?
This file is another masterpiece of gentle, sensual entrancement by Domina Shelle @ShelleRivers, then SNAP, you are trapped!
Domina warns the purchaser in Her description of the session, She warns the listener in Her introduction to the session, once you get beyond these warnings you are prey to Her power. A trap you will never want to escape from, a trap you will never be able to escape from.