Web Of Sleep

Web Of Sleep

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 39 minutes

Putting you into the deepest tranceTIC SLEEP, I create the vivid dreams you had as a trusting helpless little boy. Then, for your high school teenage years, when the world became so much sexier, you slept and were so easily aroused. The things you dreamed about.... And now all grown up.

My darling slave, have you ever wondered what happens to your vulnerable brainwashed mind when you sleep at night? Do you just drift off and occasionally having vague recollections of erotic dreams that defy explanation and seldom leave you fulfilled?

My pet, imagine if I, your Domina, controlled your dream state. Every night I would coax you into My dream world where everything feels so vivid and sexy, teasing and tantalizing all your senses to the point that you won't want to return to the waking world. Well, in this session I offer you the opportunity to become utterly fascinated with deep comatose sleep and the many possibilities of serving Me in your sleep state.

Just imagine all the naughty things W/we can do together in this safe private environment, away from conscious distractions, and where W/we can spend quality time together exploring the many ways I can further enslave you to My wanton desires and will. I know this excites you, My "sleep slave", the thought of being so close and intimate with you excites Me too! It's a real opportunity for you to express your growing love and devotion to Me and it's a natural reflection of O/our deepening Domme/sub relationship, My undeniable power and authority matched with your intensified submission and subservience to Me, and only Me!

But be warned, My puppy, this is a very intense session of relentless relaxation and layered trance! Before you realize it I will be in total control of all of you - your open receptive mind, your paralyzed - comatose like - body, even that primal aching c*ck that serves My inescapable domination and control! (giggles)

So, prepare to be forever entangled in My web of seductive sleep, allowing Me to take you night after night into My dream world of sensuality and bliss, where you're obsessed with My loving domination and control. Can you imagine you, tormented on the edge for hours, sacrificing in honor of Me, the possibilities are endless, My pet.

It's time to SLEEP deeply NOW and fall into My Web. Just you and Me. Oh, I know exactly what you’re dreaming of...I know what excites and arouses you. After all, I am shaping all your dreams and fantasies, floating you on waves of pleasure. All Mine to play with...I’ve made this session extra special for you.

Includes Many layers of TRANCE, subliminal messages, Perfect Binaural.

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Web of Sleep is a skilfully crafted session to indoctrinate the listener into associating the act of sleeping with surrendering the sensual and wicked charms of Domina Shelle. With the aid of some classic fixation devices you are lulled into trance and once under She has you right were She wants you. There is no escaping Her charms and irrefutable logic and you will quickly surrender to Her mesmerising words as you crave the idea of sleeping to the soothing words of Domina Shelle. This session is great aid to falling to sleep while simultaneously training your subconscious mind to always be thinking of your submission to Domina Shelle. After a just few listens the desire to fall asleep listening to Domina becomes compulsive and you will find yourself planning times to listen to Her sessions more frequently. For this reason the session is a must have for all who crave submission to this amazing trancetic Dominant and wish to embrace all that She has to teach!