White Noise

White Noise

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 41 minutes

Welcome to the program, My devoted servant, you have been selected for a very special assignment, an undercover operation that requires your unique talents and abilities. This is a covert mission and you will be required to submit to some novel experimental procedures to prepare you for the HARD demanding challenges ahead.

Do not worry, My servant, as an agent for Domina Shelle you are part of My revered inner circle, prized for your sacrifice and willingness to give all that you are to Me, devoted to My cause without thought and without question. But even the most diligent and dedicated agent can be compromised, so the best way to protect you from yourself is to remove your free will and embed you as My Sleeper Agent, doing My bidding in the waking world without conscious awareness of your top secret assignments.

The "real" you, though, will be locked away in your mind ready to obey your programming when triggered by Me, by My WHITE NOISE. Consciously you'll be unaware anything happened but subconsciously you'll obey your commands without hesitation, lost in lust to serve and please Me, flooded with yearning, knowing you are mentally subjugated by My control.

This conditioning is so effective because you want to be used by Me, W/we both know this, being helpless turns you on too much, hard, horny and aroused by your indoctrinated desires! And with submission CUMs subservience, a perpetual fantasy to kneel in My presence, kiss My feet and adore Me in every way imaginable, sating My every erotic whim and your cravings to submit, serve and obey.

Give yourself to the program, My devoted servant, give yourself to Me! Allow Me to beCUM the overseer of your life, using you for My needs and My pleasure, a noble sacrifice to surrender the "real" you irrevocably to My authority. As a reward you get to choose how to seal your fate as My Sleeper Agent, to stroke and EDGE, or to stroke and CUM. Whatever path you choose, know you are MINE, now and forever, and I look forward to testing your new programming and shaping your destiny. (giggles)

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Exquisite, sensual, sexy, HOT! Words that describe Domina Shelle and this session. What Domina promises in the introduction to this session is surely the dream of all true followers of erotic trance. The induction is really really nice, the trance is really really deep. The session is pure pleasure and is certainly interactive. What happens during the trance is something that only Domina Shelle knows, but I suspect that Her experiment had been 110% successful.
Do you dare to listen? Do you dare to miss the chance to listen.

Shelles Slave Bubbels

I can't remember much about this file... And when I try to think about it... I just kinda lose track and become SOO incredibly aroused... I don't really know what happened... but ever since listening... I can't stop trying to think about it... but... I can't seem to stop myself from getting REALLY horny and losing track... Mmmm... I know Dominas implanted something VERY powerful into my mind... But I'm just too horny to remewmber... Ohh It's hard recalling this file without... Mmm... I.. cant stop stroking and edging... I feel like a mindless bimbo stuck in heat... Domina's pleasure trap is an absolutely mind-blowing MASTERPIECE that I cannot praise or recommend highly enough!

Shelles Slave Bubbels