Widow's Kiss

Widow's Kiss

Widow's Kiss

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A femdom erotic trance by Ms EroticHypnotic

Each drop of My sticky sweet Widow’s Kiss penetrates you.... 

your last vestige of control slips away..... 

you feel anesthetized and in over your head.....

Mmmm don’t you feel lured and trapped? But that can’t be right, can it? you came to Me willingly....

A part of you regrets letting things get this far..... 

you just couldn’t imagine being drawn to Me so profoundly.... 

The silk strands of My web becomes tighter and tighter….

you're falling away…

falling deeper into My control....

your will to resist Me... gone..... .

your muscle control...gone …..

Surrendering totally to Me…..

I control your mind and body now…..

you are now My prey, My pet….

you are terrified but hard as steel….


File length 32 minutes. 


Trigger phrase

Mind control





Binaural beats

Finger snaps


Resistance play


Safe word is red


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