Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 44 minutes x two versions


Get caught up, lassoed into helplessness. NO man should miss this session. The effects will stay with you for a LONG time. BOUND and HELPLESS.

Did you know that No Disney Princess has been plastered on as many magazine covers, adorned as many T-shirts, or sold the countless comics, dolls, and action figures that Wonder Woman has. Do you know who I'm talking about. Well, I am about to OPEN you up to a whole different world of "Wonder Woman". I wonder, can you take it...can you listen to my NAUGHTY twist and TURNS without EXPLODING.

The fictional Wonder Woman had a way of making men weak...just like I do. Feeling weak is SEXY, I mean falling weak for Me...Not a weak man, a strong man that goes to his knees for Me...Submitting to A POWERFUL "WONDER" WOMAN is one of the best feelings you can have. That feeling of being helplessly undone by your own weaknesses.... that I strategically use against you. Bound up and hog tied down into a life of endless submission. I want your feeling that ache as the GOLDEN bindings tighten around you and you succumb to MY will.

your male ego has been deluding you into mistaken belief that you are in control and any submissive behaviors you exhibit are nothing more than minor fetishes. But W/we both know that is not the TRUTH because deep down I have infiltrated your mind. What started out as an erotic habit to indulge your carnal needs has progressively transformed into an obsession with Me and an addiction to my soft sultry Southern voice.

I achieved this by systematically braking you down through a combination of brainwashing, indoctrination and strategic stimulation of your primal desires. Although your ego may be unwilling to acknowledge this TRUTH, your c*ck ALWAYS betrays you. Even NOW, reading this short description, My words affect you, stirring a conditioned response to submit and obey Me, making you HARD and eager to experience the authority and power I have over you.

So prepare yourself to be subjugated by a wonderfully, powerful, sexy, dominant Woman - Me, Domina Shelle, your WONDER WOMAN!

NOTE: There are two versions of this session, one for release and one for those brave enough to sacrifice even more of themselves for Me.

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This is a very well executed session and Domina again showcases Her incredible talent to put you in a situation where you give up more of yourself to Her control. That She does this week and week is beyond remarkable, but what really stands out is how effective this session is. With a clever narrative you are pushed into resisting Her but as we all know by now that just makes the fall into submission even deeper. Domina executes this so well you are almost begging Her to Own you and will saying anything to feel Her sweet all encompassing authority swallow you whole. For me the absolute loss of control was incredible and with each listen i feel even more bound to Domina's control - there is no escape.