Zero Control

Zero Control

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Note: The primary purpose of this session is to deeply install a post trancetic trigger that becomes more and more powerful over time. Leaving you weak and vulnerable with ZERO CONTROL.

I want to dance with your unconscious mind.

Milton Erickson was a firm believer of using stories INSIDE of stories to trancetize a subject.
By doing this he’d “sandwich” all his Post trancetic Suggestions inside these stories. By the time a session was complete, his suggestions were so deep in a person’s unconscious.

I, too, am a firm believer in using trancetic stories in order to dance with your unconscious mind. I also LOVE the power of DISTRACTION as I install Post trancetic Suggestions deep into your unconscious mind.

In this EROTIC trance mp3 you will be easily distracted as I lull you into a trance story that you won’t soon forget. All the while My hidden subliminal messages sink into your fertile and suggestible mind. you will find yourself lost in My trancetic world as I lead you back into the times of Sultans. My pet, you will experience the feel of a warm breeze of the desert, the hot sand under your feet as I slip into the core of your mind. My HORNY pet, give into your thirst for erotic trancetic submission in addition to a new powerful trigger which is designed to leave you with ZERO control.

Zero Control delivers 47 plus minutes of an erotic trance-domme experience that you must not miss.

Please be aware that there is TRUTH in My words...My words are POWERFUL and NO one can resist.
Listen NOW...get LOST in your submission.

Note: If you have been with Me for some time, you may have a vague memory of parts of this trance-tale from 2011.

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Customer Reviews


I think there is more happening behind the scenes here than I can understand.
Domina Shelle's story wrapped itself around me and I really felt so engrossed in it and so wonderfully aroused. Seduced into it you could say?
And then once i'm dreamy and placid, Domina Shelle targeted my open and suggestible mind and just played around inside until I had zero control, oh it was bliss!
I dont know what She did and I dont care.........