"2nd Overload!"

"2nd Overload!"

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Leslie

Get ready! Overload 2 Sweet Mindfuck is just that an explosive mind numbing pleasurable but intense trancetic trance session. You will be altered from the very start. I challenged you in Overload Brain Training, and now I command you to listen to this erotic mind control file. You wont be going anywhere... from the start you will be caught like a deer in the head lights, stunned and left simply listening and obedient for Me. This is the next step in giving Me license to playing with your mind, and taking full control over it, even after the trance session is done. Good boy... go ahead pet, get listening! Get lost during this finely crafted overloading session. Lets see if you can get through the first ten minutes without melting down into a big pile of submissive bliss and complete drooling puppet for Me. I use traditional trance techniques, brainwashing galore, low frequency brain waves, and lots of confusion and over loading. I don’t want to give away all My tricks but during this session you wont win the challenge again, you will be MINE in the end, ready to serve and please Me, and if you have not listened to Overload the original trance file, get that one next! It's time to hear this mind blowing, amazing, skillful, and mind altering trance, that will leave you forever mine! CLICK TO LISTEN TO SAMPLE NOW! Length: 30 minutes Format: mp3 download Effects: yes, skillfully used with purpose Music: soft, also low frequency delta brain waves Overdubbing vocals: yes

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