Controlled Masturbation 1000

Controlled Masturbation 1000

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

In Controlled Masturbation you cannot cum via masturbation more than once in a week...for those who find that too restrictive, I'm going to give you a second option...a fork in the road, if you will...either listen to Controlled Masturbation 1000 OR Controlled Masturbation...DON'T listen to both, because if you do, the suggestions given in the two sessions contradict each other which dilutes the overall experience...I would categorize this session as an exercise in sensual'll be conditioned to chant My name 1,000 times as you touch yourself, releasing on the 1,000th stroke, and if you lose track of the count at any point, you'll need to start all over again which naturally then begs the question: How far will you get before I wake you up? and also, how far will I go out of My way to trip you up? Grins wickedly...

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Outstanding...very nice. I hope Mistress Joanne does more like this.