Crystal Pools

Crystal Pools

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

So many elements in the realm of erotic trance are thought to be so cliche' the pocket watch, the pendulum and the trancetic crystal...however, the trancetic crystal is, in reality, utterly timeless...the trancetic crystal is truly timeless because the eye will always be drawn to the enchanting allure of a beautiful crystal pendant swinging before your eyes...there is not a time when man could resist its power...and there never will be...and why is that? it's because you would love to watch My beautiful charm thru your mind's that you can see just how captivating it can be for entrancing and irresistibly seductive it is to someone wanting so much to experience trance...for someone like you who has such a deep desire to be trancetically seduced by a beautiful, mysterious woman swaying a lovely crystal pendant before your curious've seen that deer in the headlights look before in has always aroused you...I know you, is your chance to listen to My first full-blown trancetic crystal induction...for you see, I have implemented crystal imagery in portions of many other trancetic creations of Mine, but it has never been the prime focus...until now...the curious submissive in you draws your visual focus into My exquisitely cut gemstone...I have a most wicked surprise in store for you who listen...come with Me now and let Me lull you into the unfathomable depths of My crystal pools.

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