Erotic Play - Now With Trance-Enhancing Binaural Frequencies

Erotic Play - Now With Trance-Enhancing Binaural Frequencies

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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke

This file is My same, ever-popular Erotic Play audio trance file, but includes brain-entrainment binaural rhythms to help even those who "can't be trancetized" to learn how to reach a nice, deep trance state and become very good playthings for Mistress Penelope! Set to soothing music to lull the mind further under My spell.... Your training in this program not only plants arousal and pleasure triggers in your own environment, it allows me to turn your arousal on and off as easily as a light switch; to make you feel physical pleasure without even a touch; and to make it impossible for you to have an orgasm in Our sessions together until I release you with my trigger phrase, no matter how strongly your sensations build. It embeds quick trancing and wake-up triggers, too, which are convenient for trancing and waking you any time I like.

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