FRACTAL ECSTASY - Femdom JOI Fractionation

FRACTAL ECSTASY - Femdom JOI Fractionation

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
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Fractal Ecstacy

A long, slow induction with fractionation, TOTAL ESCAPE, layers of commanding voice, ambient textures, countdowns, progressive relaxation, joi, crystal and spiral images, intoxicating edit.

Relax and prepare to go deep into trance as I drop you into fractal ecstasy. Floating free, your mind and body will separate as you remain attached to My virtual leash.

you will float as you follow My words and your body becomes weightless.

Your body will tingle with desire as you relax and drop with ease under My gifted control.

Wake, drop, wake, drop…… so deeply confused, your mind completely detaches from your body, making you a mindless, programmable slave to My suggestions.

Free of gravity and frictions, you drop, spiraling into that ecstatic fractal.

Falling, floating, drifting deeper, letting go of all thoughts.

Getting higher and lighter, floating completely away, as I keep a hold on your leash.

Becoming so aroused, My voice takes you to another dimension, rising and becoming harder as all layers dissolve.

You are adrift in a sea of freedom, an ecstatic fractal of electric light…

I will guide you as I hold that leash firm…. now fall as My voice controls your hot, horny body.


Mindless as you stroke faster and faster until you are at the very edge… the event horizon of orgasm.

You will ride that edge until I give My command…. and when I do, you will explode with ecstatic force.


Madame Jade


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