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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

Feather.mp3 is a dreamy, floaty amnesia session with triggers, subliminal messages and the soothing sound of rain to accompany you on your seducing and irresistibly tempting path to erotic, trancetic forgetfulness.

It is designed to pump your sleepy mind full of the most delightful and mesmerizing images and ideas and then convince you that parts of what I have said here and there seems to be miraculously forgotten. What you thought you thought wasnt thought at all, simply because you forgot to think it to begin with.

50 mins.

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Customer Reviews


For me, it was indeed a quite intense experience,
both in terms of both body *and* mind.

I listened to this mp3 several times. Actually, I do not *remember* anything said about feathers.
Let's state it exactly, I do not know, whether there is word about feathers.
What I do know that when I woke up, my whole body had a very, very sensuous feeling,
my body and mind. I cannot find words for it, except:
It felt like my whole body was a feather.