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Goddess Lana

Goddess Lana

My name is Goddess Lana and I create mostly Hypnosis and brainwashing audio. I enjoy the Sissy and pig niches the most. The pig niche is different then most fetishes. There are certain males that feel they have an inner animal and some have picked the pig. I create audio to train the inner pig. Its a very very fun niche.

I teach them to oink correctly and do simple things like play with their sausages and milk it. Its soooo fun!!!

I also have explored humiliation, puppy and robot. I do a little cuckold and BBC. You will find a big variety in my clips and I hope you enjoy

Contact me here: lana@verbaldomination.com

Thank You
Goddess Lana

Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/campsissyboicom

Free sample

I am very open to suggestions for audio clips for this website ;) LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

The Surprise Mystery 12 pack

12 surprise clips for $50

Give yourself a nice gift this Holiday Season or if it is your birthday coming up give yourself a present
This is a fun way to discover a new fetish
Could be an audio file in here that really pushes your buttons but you never knew you had the fetish

Explore with me ;)

There are 12 audio clips Included separated as 12 mp3's

They are all in the Gay, Sissy, Fag niches

Over 1.5 hours of audio for $50
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I caught you jerking off

I caught you jerking off now you must pay


I caught you while you were jerking off

You have a hard cock and was just about to cum

You cant please me properly BUT you think you can jerk off

I see you have porn collection too

That seems like an old outdated collection

You must have been doing this for a long time haven't you???

Well its time I get even with you

I will throw your whole porn collection away and turn YOU into a girl

You will strip

You will take a bath and shave

You will wear my perfume and I will put make up on you

I will dress you up as a girl and make you do very naughty things for me
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The pretty sissy gets to play TODAY

Runtime 10:07

Be pretty

Rub the sissy clit

Finger the sissy cunt

Lick up the cummies

Become a pretty sissy whore

Just follow my directions and lets have some fun today sissy bois!
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The pig likes to touch sausages

Runtime 15:20

The pig likes touching sausages not just his own sausage JOI CEI COUNTDOWNS INCLUDED

The pig doesnt like girls anymore! The pig likes to touch his sausage! The pig wants to touch other sausages! The pig craves milk! The pig learns he is greedy and wants all the milk! He even wants other sausages milk! He learns all this through pulling on his own sausage! The pig inside once to be unselfish! The pig learns to be hardworking! The pig wants to become the 69 pig! 69 pigs dont fight over spilled milk! 69 pigs get all the milk! 69 pigs can stay milking each other for hours! The pig will learn JOI CEI CUM COUNTDOWNS The pig will learn everything! All the pig needs to do is just pull his sausage! The message will go deep! The pig craves sausages! The pig craves Milk! The pig will learn to be a 69 pig!
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Runtime 15:39

This is a fun one for all you sissies!

First you will get pretty for me

You will rub yourself through your underwear

I will direct you JOI style

Through the cum countdown you will be wearing latex and you will be shiny

During the countdown you will be thinking about BBC

Then you will squirt in your underwear

The best part is after you cum

Then you take your underwear off like a street corner girl

You will put the underwear on your head

You will sniff and lick your cummies while you play with your sissy cunt

The goal is for you to have a multiple orgasm

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Turning you into the perfect humping dog


WARNING: Moaning and Sexual binary tones include to make you cum like a naughty puppy

Today you must wear headphones

You must be naked laying on a pillow

You will be humping for me

I will mesmerize you into becoming a puppy

Once you are a puppy you will hump the pillow like one


You will need to learn how to bark before you can cum

There is a countdown to make you full PUPPY

Extended ending to be sure you cum and bark for me and be a good puppy
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Pimping out Hubby to other men

Have you ever fantasized about your wife or girlfriend pimping you out while she goes on dates and gets fucked by a handsome man? You will stay home and be pimped out to other men. Alpha strong men that will dominate you sexually. You will be filmed while your wife is out and when she gets home you will eat out her well fucked pussy while she watches what has been done to you. She will humiliate you the whole time you are eating the other mans semen out of her well fucked pussy.

Runtime 46:54
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