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Goddess Lana

Goddess Lana

My name is Goddess Lana and I create mostly Hypnosis and brainwashing audio. I enjoy the Sissy and pig niches the most. The pig niche is different then most fetishes. There are certain males that feel they have an inner animal and some have picked the pig. I create audio to train the inner pig. Its a very very fun niche.

I teach them to oink correctly and do simple things like play with their sausages and milk it. Its soooo fun!!!

I also have explored humiliation, puppy and robot. I do a little cuckold and BBC. You will find a big variety in my clips and I hope you enjoy

Contact me here: lana@verbaldomination.com

Thank You
Goddess Lana

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Free sample

I am very open to suggestions for audio clips for this website ;) LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

I caught you crossdressed at the mall



So here I am at the busy mall and I see you all crossed dressed looking sexy. Well if you are brave enough to come to the mall looking like a pretty girl I guess you need to prove to me you are worthy of being female.

Im here shopping with some male business friends and they love pretty little sissy bois. I take you down the abandoned hall and you will suck one off and the other one will fuck you in the ass. You better make them cum fast we dont want to get caught. Show me all the skills I have taught you.

Prove to me that you are worthy of being female. Oh I love watching sissies suck their first cocks and today you will be on your knees doing the dirty deed like a real girl. JOI CEI ANAL PLAY!
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The Covid 19 Sniffy Mask JOI CEI


Lets play breath in the yummy cummies from our covid masks and become cum dumb

This clip has 3 stages BUT true fags will turn everything into 1 stage

Are you a true fag?

Lets find out

Stage 1 Rub and Cum into your covid mask

Stage 2 Put the mask away till you are horny again

Stage 3 Wear the mask till you squirt some more cummies


This is such a filthy clip aimed towards Gay Homo Faggots
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Straight Guy Obsessed with cock


There is something strange about your girlfriends new girlfriend

You soon find out she has a huge handsome Juicy Cock.

Your not Gay at all but you want the cute girls cock in your mouth.

She is super cute and her cock and balls smell so good. Musky and oh so nice!

All you can think about is having her cock in your mouth

Listen as the story unfolds.
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Female Alien race turns men into Pigs

Runtime 9:15

A group of tall, inter-galactic, dominant, horny female-only Aliens who have come to Earth to conquer and use Earth males as pleasure stock.

This female Alien species all have massive, thick, slithering organs which they shove down their smaller, subservient Earth male captives' throat, and demand they suck and pleasure them so the female can erupt massive amounts of her spunk into his belly.

As the horny female Aliens continue to use their captives for pleasure over time, the poor hapless males get pumped full of more and more Alien spunk, and begin to gain weight. Over time, the horny, sadistic female Aliens pump so much of their spunk inside their male captives that they inflate them into enormous, round, FAT blimps.

To their horror, these sadistic female Aliens weren't here just for pleasure. These femme fatales IMPREGNATE male species into massively inflated, immobile, round FAT incubators. They sadistically impregnate their male captives until the male is humiliatingly FAT, carrying a brood of new, dominant females.
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Cock and Balls JOI Metronome SLOW MEDIUM


Cock and Balls JOI Metronome SLOW MEDIUM FAST

This is a JOI game concentrating on getting your balls filled up with cum so you can shoot tons of cummies out for me

You can tie them off so none squirts out till the countdown

The metronome has 3 speeds | SLOW MEDIUM AND FAST |


Dont cum till the countdown counts down to 1

Lets get started
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A lesson in cocksucking Includes Rimming


Mostly Geared towards gay sissies BUT couples can follow along too

Are struggling giving a good blowjob?

Are your skills lacking?

Want to learn more

Today I will guide you along. You can practice on your dildo or a real cock

You can wear headphones and follow along

Cock sucking is a skill that needs to be learned and Today I will get you started

This clip is great for girls and guys either solo or couples

Its only aim is to teach how to give really good head

Make sure he is clean before you stick your mouth around his anus or ball sack

Give him a sponge bath if you have to

Lets get started
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The JOI Milking Game just for PIGS


The Rules are simple for the pig
We need its milk and today the pig gives it up
When you see

Pink - You play with your sausage
Blue - You play with your asshole

Playing with your asshole will help you produce more milk

The pig gets a cum countdown to cum to

Give us your milk pig
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