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Goddess Lana

Goddess Lana

My name is Goddess Lana and I create mostly Hypnosis and brainwashing audio. I enjoy the Sissy and pig niches the most. The pig niche is different then most fetishes. There are certain males that feel they have an inner animal and some have picked the pig. I create audio to train the inner pig. Its a very very fun niche.

I teach them to oink correctly and do simple things like play with their sausages and milk it. Its soooo fun!!!

I also have explored humiliation, puppy and robot. I do a little cuckold and BBC. You will find a big variety in my clips and I hope you enjoy

Contact me here: lana@verbaldomination.com

Thank You
Goddess Lana

Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/campsissyboicom

Free sample

I am very open to suggestions for audio clips for this website ;) LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

The Sleepy Sissy Time Trigger

Once at my beach I will plant Sissy Time triggers in your brain. When I say Its Sissy Time you will crave big juicy cocks to suck and shove up your butt

Bonus: Binary Sexual Tones included to help energize your sissy clit

EXTRA BONUS: This audio is repeated twice so you can drift away and not worry about anything except rubbing your sissy clit

Runtime 15 min
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The Man Eraser


Don't ever say I didnt warn you!

If you decide to pull the trigger and buy this clip you could forever become a cock craving cum eating sissy whore.

You will no longer want to be a man

You will have urges

My voice already triggered something

Read the next sentence and feel how horny and turned on you get

One thing you will notice is that you get turned on by picturing yourself being the girl on her knees doing the sucking

Having a big juicy cock in your mouth turns you on!

You want to be the girl bent over doggie style taking it

Look at your sissy clit sissy boi

You both want this ;)

Runtime 20 mins
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Training Vinny to become a Sissy faggot

Vinny visits my Sissification "Camp Sissy Boi" He gets trained to become a sissy gay FAGGOT!

Training includes, Repeating, Mesmerizing, JOI "Rubbing your small clitty cock", Cum countdown and a Cum countdown

After you have finished listening to this clip you will be prepared just like Vinny to be a Sissy Gay Fag Boi!

Runtime 11 mins
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Faggot Audio Repeat After Me

This audio contains binary tons to make you horny for cocks

You will repeat phrases and let my words penetrate your mind

You will be required to think about sucking cocks

You will be required to wank yourself

You will be required to eat your own cum

You will develop into a proud cock sucking FAGGOT

Runtime 13 mins
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Looping Audio 6 Blow Bang Edition Enhanced Version

This is a supreme Interactive JOI Audio

I cover everything below in the clip
Lets practice: You will need 3 dildos

2 for your hands and 1 to suck on

Attach 3 to the wall

You jerk the first cock, suck the middle one, and jerk the 3rd one

Instructions: "repeated" For plenty of Blow Bang Practice
I help you along by whispering the instructions while I tell you the numbers

1 Jerk the left one

2 Jerk the right one

3 Suck the middle one

4 Jerk off two cocks

5 Jerk and Suck

This will be sooooo much fun ;)


Includes: Moaning and sucking sounds
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Turning Sissy Pat into a Cocksucking Whore

This clip starts out directing you to strip and to pull up some porn

You will need a dildo or at the very least you can use your fingers

You will be watching the girls giving BJ's while you practice giving BJ's

I even give you directions on how to give a nice blowjob

Then once you squirt you can rub your juice on the dildo and keep listing to the end repeat

Lick the cum sissy boi lick it and become a cocksucking cum eater

Runtime 10:17
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Female Gas Station Owner teaches a loser

Things go from bad to worse to you You will wish you tried to pay first instead of pumping the gas then trying to pay With no money and no way to pay and the risk of the cops arresting you for not paying for gas and not having your driving license or insurance you are willing to do anything! Well you mention that you will do anything so I use my clever imagination. Spoiler Alert: You get to repay by sucking of my customers. You need to earn $60. Well seems ok till I tell my customers its $2 a BJ. Which that was almost ok till the big line forms and you must suck them all off. You will be staying the weekend and satisfying all my customers because once you stop the cops come to take you away Includes: JOI with slurping cock sucking sounds Runtime 15:88

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Musky Sweaty Ball Sack Addiction

Hey Sissy I plan to have your mind for over 45 mins and I plan to rewire it.

While I have you under I will direct you

There is a lot of Interaction in this audio.

Lots of picturing big sweaty musky ball sacks and plenty of JOI.

I will help you along the way.

You will be encouraged to listen over and over again

Once all the reprogramming sets in you will forever be addicted to sweaty musky ball sacks

Sensual Whispering
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