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Goddess Lana

Goddess Lana

My name is Goddess Lana and I create mostly Hypnosis and brainwashing audio. I enjoy the Sissy and pig niches the most. The pig niche is different then most fetishes. There are certain males that feel they have an inner animal and some have picked the pig. I create audio to train the inner pig. Its a very very fun niche.

I teach them to oink correctly and do simple things like play with their sausages and milk it. Its soooo fun!!!

I also have explored humiliation, puppy and robot. I do a little cuckold and BBC. You will find a big variety in my clips and I hope you enjoy

Contact me here: lana@verbaldomination.com

Thank You
Goddess Lana

Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/campsissyboicom

Free sample

I am very open to suggestions for audio clips for this website ;) LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video


If you enjoy being called a gay Faggot and forced to suck guys off in dirt bathrooms, basements and campgrounds then you will love this audio. I don't usually do this type but someone custom ordered this and I thought you guys might enjoy it too. There really isnt JOI in here but I force you to suck guys off and eat up there cum. Lots of name calling in this one Running time 11:55

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From Husband to Sissy

Today is my Husbands birthday and I bought him a cake so I leave work early to spend time with him. I thought it would be a nice surprise so I sneak through the garage. Well to my surprise he is fucking Sally my Neighbor. This is very upsetting to me so I give him a choice. I could file for a divorce and take everything and garnish his wages or I could turn him into my towns #1 cock sucker. He will spend the rest of his days down at the local glory hole sucking off guys all day. He obviously doesnt want to lose everything. Lets see how far I can take him before he breaks

Run time 12 mins
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The Ultimate JOI Humiliation mp3 clip

If you like to wank and be humiliated at the same time then this is the clip is for you. I really hand it to you while you masturbate to my voice. I call you names and humiliate you. I repeat phrases over and over as you get harder and harder. There are 3 sections. Section 1 drills in that you are a loser, Section 2 I make you repeat words and I hurry you to wank faster, Section 3 you spit on your hand lots and wank while I call you names there is a cum countdown included

The reps really drill the words right into your loser brain. They will still keep going even after you are done. You will probably have to wank again just to get me out of your head

running time 9:28
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Shemale cock worship Interactive Audio

Want to learn how to give a great blowjob?

This is an interactive style audio. You will need your dildo fastened to a wall for best results. You can however just suck on your dildo or your fingers. I teach you how to give head properly. You will be sucking pretending the dildo is attached to a gorgeous shemale. There is a cum countdown included. You will rub your sissy clit while you are sucking her off then once you cum you will put your cum on the dildo and lick and suck it off while you finger your sissy cunt.

The first orgasm you had was hers and you eat it the second one is yours and you do it by fingering yourself only. Tasting cum and sliding the dildo on your lips and fingering your sissy cunt at the same time will insure you have a 2nd orgasm rather quickly ;)
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Piggie Hypnosis Starter Kit

This is where you start to become a pig through piggie hypnosis. I will put you into a piggie state of mind. Pigs are dumb and they like to do simple things like oinking and milking. You will learn to oink, You will learn about your sausage, You will learn about your milk and you will learn how to eat it!

Just over 11mins long
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Milk it then recycle the milk endless loop

My name is Goddess Lana and I am your therapist today. Seems you have a problem! You love your sausage and you are addicted to milking it. You also love to try to kiss the sausage and you always want to recycle the milk.

The best way to cure the sausage milking problem is to milk the sausage more


Loop this clip over and over again till the pig inside you is satisfied

Loop 100 times for best results

Running Time 25+ mins
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Sissification 4 pack

The Sexy Shemale plays with the Construction Dudes "sissy trigger implants included" Sissy Hypnosis through a sexy erotic story
You woke up one morning and put on your pretty clothes and make up and decided to go for a walk. You caught the eye of a few constructions workers. You are slightly scared because you have a cock and you might get beat up but instead they become very interested

Spoiler Alert: You get gang banged in this audio by alpha males and you love it. Every hole penetrated

Glory Hole Cocksucking Practice "custom clip for John"
You need practice sucking cocks and I am here to teach you.

Strap on Road Head with Goddess Lana "custom clip for Jared"
We are going for a ride. I have my strap on ready and you are going to give me road head. You are practicing because we are going on a trip to meat up with some alpha hunks and when we get there you will be sucking them off. Most of this audio is about the ride there and you sucking on my strap on "Road Head Style"

Lick Suck Take it deep "custom for Georgie"
I bring you wine to get you in the mood to suck cocks. We play dress up and then you get to practice sucking on my strap on.

Just over 26 mins of audio
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The Ultimate Sissy Fag Demoralizer

This is 20 mins of bashing your brain with total humiliation. I will plant the seeds to turn you into what you really truly are A CUM HUNGRY COCK CRAVING FAGGOT. You will strip for me and you will rub that sissy clit of yours and when you squirt the juice it MUST MUST MUST MUST go in your mouth and eaten.

You are a Faggot and this clip will reinforce all of your sexual tendencies

After I am done with you will be 100% FAGGOT

I included a cum countdown at the end and you will be instructed to eat your cum!!
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