Good Boy - Anal Orgasm

Good Boy - Anal Orgasm

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A femdom erotic trance by Sensual Sharon
Let yourself enjoy the feeling of anal sex. Let the desire for it increase... 
It will  feel so good to have a dildo, a Strap-on, or a real mans cock up your ass,
that you will orgasm from it, possibly many times in a row...
It will just feel so amazingly intense, that you want it again and again... 
It will simply feel that good.
This file will allow you to enjoy anal sex to a level, you’ve never enjoyed in the past. 
It will make anal sex so pleasurable, that it will make you orgasm.
File length is 47 min and it comes with background music, soft whispers and brainwaves.
This audio was written by and for and is available exclusively on this website.

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