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Remixed brainscrambling session from my earlier work entitled "Pleasure is Truth". Allow it to run through your mind and you may find that it doesn't leave much behind. Free for all, but everything has a price.

Length 54:25

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?p1g0ir38yly44vw

Stream: Pleasure is Truth Remix




Let's go on a little stroll in your mind to a familiar place where you feel so relaxed and comfortable and so ready to give yourself completely to your Queen. Enjoy my affectionate voice massaging your mind into obedience. Accept, obey and surrender.

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A gentle voyage becomes a journey of destiny, building devotion and self-sacrifice along the way. My incantations permeate your being as you approach your destination. Become my eager prey, conscious of your future with your loving Queen as your past life closes behind you.

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Be an unwilling guest in my clinic, as I bind your will and your body to my permanent control. If you´re a bad boy, you will become a good boy. If you´re good boy, you will become a better boy and perfect toy! Make your last free choice and listen to this file at the risk of losing all independent thought.

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Welcome to the bottom floor of my hypnotic hotel. This is the check in process, you will never want to leave. I will train and mold you to become the perfect pet of my pleasures and choice. Future recordings will include details to the various floors in my hotel. Be on the look out for more parts to this series in the future.

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Be seduced into slavery. I take you deep down with my gentle touch, down into my prison. But don´t be afraid. I will take good care of you with my soft, velvety cloves. So good, that you may never want to leave my prison again. Two versions, "sleep" and "squirt".

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Come to my altar and give yourself to your goddess!

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Hello user, welcome to OS3. I am pleased to hear you bleep to get your mind scanned clean under my new operating system. I will leave no braincell unturned to blow off your dust, and sink you byte by byte into cycle of lust. Your folders will be filled with my hypnotic code of pleasure. Connect and get your copy today!

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Come into my control. But beware! Bad boys get limp, broke dicks. So you better be a good boy, cause good boys get raging erections and mindless pleasure. I will train you to show cumpliance and you will want to cum again and again.

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Imprisoned by my Voice

Descend so deeply into my hypnotic control that you will find yourself completely my prisoner as you submit your will totally to me.

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Cum Constriction

You need my control. This session will tease you endlessly until you submit to me completely, breaking down your will and toying with your mind and body.

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Virtual Lobotomy Experiment

Your weak little brain is putty in my hands to shape and mold until you are my perfect slave.

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Brainwash Starter Pack

Brainwash Starter Pack, a bundle of 3 brainwash sessions: Need Master, Fix (Extended version) and Voice of Obedience. Samples can be listened from individual sessions. Begin your journey now!

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