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Hypno Queen


Imprisoned by my Voice

Descend so deeply into my hypnotic control that you will find yourself completely my prisoner as you submit your will totally to me.

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Cum Constriction

You need my control. This session will tease you endlessly until you submit to me completely, breaking down your will and toying with your mind and body.

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Virtual Lobotomy Experiment

Your weak little brain is putty in my hands to shape and mold until you are my perfect slave.

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Brainwash Starter Pack

Brainwash Starter Pack, a bundle of 3 brainwash sessions: Need Master, Fix (Extended version) and Voice of Obedience. Samples can be listened from individual sessions. Begin your journey now!

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Brain Bundle

Your anesthetized head will be completely taken care of in my hypnotic institution.

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Cosmic Comfort

Fasten your seat belt and collar space slut, it's time to eject!

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Magic Mix

Four mystic hypnosis sessions filled with fantasies that are sure to bring pleasure to a slave wanderer who walks the slave path to explore and please the Goddess. 2 hours of mind mesmerizing erotic content!

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Relax and Reinforce

Lay down and relax. These sessions reinforce your addiction, love and devotion for ME!

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