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Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

Sexy Sleep Sessions

Sssssh, lay down and enjoy. I know how to take care of your body and mind. You love to sleep wrapped inside the silken blanket of my voice. Includes 4 horny sessions that make you submit to me and flutter with pleasure! Sensual subjugation is a massage session, Locks of Submission bondage slavery, Deeper for Queen makes you more submissive and Devoted Prisoner is a fantasy journey into prison where you will enjoy doing your time. Over 2 hours of hypnotic sweetness!

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Experience the delight of hypnotic pleasure and the most intense orgasm you've ever had.. Let my voice expand inside you and take you to special place where your mind and body are exposed to delicious delight of orgasmic stimulation. This session lasts only about 9 minutes but the after-effects of the pleasure it brings, will make you glow for a very long time. Suitable session for looping.

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What if your body would be one huge cock and 1000 times more sensitive? All your sexy thoughts combine to explosive orgasm. Pleasant sensations will vibrate through your entire body, when you blast off for me like a bomb! Includes binaurals and countdown. Duration 9:45

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Transgasmic Container

Progress, please and burst into delight! This 3 sessions package of pleasure turns your slave life into whole new direction, it opens doors you didn't know exist. Feel the remarkable positive change in the way you submit and obey! These sessions stimulate a vibrant chain of events in your mind. Listen first Progressive Submission, then Delight and lastly Transgasm. Let the pleasure come and fill your body with my voice. 27 minutes of blissful extreme happiness.

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