IQ Drop

IQ Drop

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Leslie
Total intelligence draining. You see yourself as smart but it's time to LISTEN OBEY & STROKE stupid! 
During this trance session I start with conversational/covert hypnosis, and lead you deeply down into a hypnotic state. Once under for Me, I use the power of My own mind to rob you of your own braincells. I drop your lofty IQ so deep you are just a drooling idiot who needs to listen, obey, & stroke. 
This trance session features a conversational/covert induction, with traditional hypnosis elements added, a count down, and count up, NLP, relaxing music, delta brain waves added to make the trance state deeper, an arousal trigger, release trigger, post hypnotic suggestions, intelligence draining, JOI that means jerk off instructions,and delivers a very happy ending for your dizzy dumb little sweet mind! No worries silly boy, I give most of your brain cells back to you at the finish of the trance.
Length: 26 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: no
Music: yes light & soft with delta brain waves added  
Overdubbing vocals: no 

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