Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

It's always so interesting to Me...the power of words...the power of a crystallized pure thought of a word or words that ensnare the thinker...it's often this way for Me...words spilling spontaneously from My own lips...always instinctively imagining them finding their way to your grey matter...and once I verbalize the words that slide off of My lips with such a natural ease, I hear them in the air and pictures begin to form...in that brief space of time, I project My tunnel vision into you as it becomes your tunnel vision...which isn't hard at all, seeing as how you've had this desire to be enchanted and overwhelmed by a sensually dominant woman for so long now...longer than you'd ever likely admit to your friends or anyone else for that matter...even envisioning this has virtually always given you a temporary case of tunnel vision...and it only takes a moment for this to happen...so as I think of tunnel vision, I immediately feel as though I can communicate with every submissive who can see or hear Me...any submissive who has fallen under My spell at least once before...and here you are again...welcome back, My moth...I know...it's getting warmer...by the way, don't count on being granted release either...I'll do the counting around here...enter My deep blue vortex and lose yourself in Tunnel Vision now!

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