Black Widow Mistressxxx

Black Widow Mistressxxx

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
In this can either just used your imagination, or you may do self bondage (with or without a chastity device) and prepare before starting the audio.

Are you ready to be caught in My web?

You may be wondering where you is definitely your bed you are in...but the surroundings are unfamiliar...the room is dimly lit, slightly don't need to think about it....I have simply transported you into My private dungeon....your bed and all...

You are here nude...unbound and untied....for now..

You see Me attaching ropes to all four of your bed posters...then magically you feel and see ropes swirling around your ankles and wrists ...(sound effects)

With each and every rope, you sink deeper and deeper as they tighten and secure you firmly for your Mistress..

And then you DROP! down into the middle of what appears to be a spiders web...bound by your black widow Mistress....

You hear chains...and you realize they are wrapping around your body and your mind...light chains, cool on your skin...trace a pathway along your body...very strong and unbreakable...

As you squirm the chains jingle (sound effects) ... You are in My hot erotic you hear a padlock see your cock is now locked with a silver cock cage....and you are now unable to move or squirm...

Falling deeper...Madame's helpless slave

Warm wax on your stomach...get hard deep in feel a soft silky fabric wrap around your are My helpless pet....all of your senses are heightened..

You are in My spiders the center...and I will sensually feast on you continue to trance ...helpless in that tight cage....

Tantalizing your caged cock through the steel .....promising the impossible...poor slutty are at My sensual erotic mercy ....edge for Me pet...imaging cumming for Me without your I tease you with My fur and feathers....

You are completely controlled by you mentally struggle to get hard within the cage... After I wake you, I command you to lie there for quite a while as you breath and listen to the sound textures...and then at some point I tell you to take your cage off as the ropes and chains magically float away...


Madame Jade Paris

This audio includes: My mesmerizing voice, two layers of voice, haunting and dramatic but relaxing sound textures, bass sub, rope effects, padlock effects, chains effect, cum countdown, extended playtime, and directives, finger snaps, mind programming to be mindless and obedient. Keywords: ropes, chines, mindless, obedient, cock caged, spider web, sensual, magically, striating out your body, drop deeper and deeper.

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