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A femdom erotic trance by Angel Au Lait
Turns out, a dumb gooner like you doesn’t actually need a brain to function! After JERKING and PUMPING for so long, it’s become more than habit: it’s YOUR WAY OF LIFE. So, let’s put that to the test, shall we? Angel’s good little STUPID gooner bitch LOVES a challenge so let’s see how long your brain and cock last after I put you through a few paces. Get your lube, turn off all the lights, and focus on having EVERY LAST BRAIN CELL of yours leaking through the tip of your dick in the form of precum. It’s time to shred your fuckin’ brain, gooner .. all for ANGEL. The porn addict in you is going to goon until you drool at the description alone, just think what the full audio will do. You won't be able to think again, pornosexual goon .. so why not just obey and submit to the pleasure of pure gooning. The Goon Cult welcomes you ... the Goonscape welcomes you .. the Goonhole welcomes you .. DIVE THE FUCK IN AND JERK. JERK. JERK UNTIL YOU BECOME A COMPLETELY BRAINDEAD MORON. Note from Angel : If you really want to enjoy this, I suggest a dark room, headphones, and fuck ton of lube .. but also a willingness to completely debase and enter the GOONSCAPE. Your braincells are going shatter, shred, and otherwise melt .. and straight up leak out of your cock and you will be FUCKED up for the hours and days after watching this, so please be careful and don't operate machinery.

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