Sinking Into Submission

Sinking Into Submission

Sinking Into Submission

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Let Me wash all thoughts from your head.....
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A femdom erotic trance by Ms EroticHypnotic

Sink into My abyss of submission, a sensual downfall, helpless to fight against my words so powerful, mesmerizing and seductive. Let Me wash all thoughts from your head, the deeper you go the more pleasure you feel.

Come aboard My ship and drift to the rhythmic rocking of the gentle ocean waves as you bask in the sun, lulled by the water. You are on a sinking ship with not a care in the world as you fall in slow motion beauty under the waves with Me. 

Listen only if you consent to be My mindless fucktoy here to please, surrender and obey your alluring Mistress.

Beware My bewitching words, I can easily pull you in any direction I desire. your passions swell like ocean waves cresting but unable to crash without My permission. What Ms Lisa Says is a command that your subconscious is compelled to obey and all good boys obey Ms Lisa..


*Sexually pleasuring Ms Lisa

*Countdown to trance

*Fractionation Deepener

*Mind Control

*Minimal finger snaps

*Deep ocean water

*Tease and denial

*Safe word that allows you escape the trance without any effects

*Secondary voice track in the background

*post trance suggestion


Length: 27 minutes



Ms Erotictrancetic aka Ms Lisa


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I've been a trance sub and trancetist for 2 decades now and always look for exceptional trancetists to get my fix, so to speak. Typically I go impacted after, however Ms Lisa has a skill and a voice that gets you without even noticing. I was listening along to her amazing voice and feeling great. Typically arousal and PHS are things I don';t take too well, control freak and all, but I could not help but respond to Ms Lisa. It felt incredible and when I noticed how much I responded I realized that she had some really special skills. I am about 2 hours out of her amazing trance, and I still feel all she told me to, and I already want to be more deeply under spell. I intended to be a file to get my fix, but what i found was a trancetist with wonderful skills to match her voice and now I need to see where it can go. This is an incredible way to start for anyone, you will enjoy and be caught by Ms Lisa.