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5 mp3s Fag Pack separated


Want to turn yourself into a FAGGOT!
These Audio files are for you!

Included in the zip file

Easy Sissy JOI Number Game for Fags 30+ mins
Faggot Spell 4+ mins
Hands Free Faggot Humiliation 17+ mins
Straight to Gay Faggot Exercises long version 20+ mins
The Ultimate Sissy Fag Demoralizer 20+ mins

There are JOI games Included plus humiliation plus exercises. Plus all kinds of fun stuff!
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Arousal Therapy

Meet Ava, a loveable combination of brains and beauty that, we think, you will flip for. Here, she plays a sexy therapist, who specializes in relaxation. Her methods, she tells you, “... are not orthodox, but they are very, very effective. It seems she knows a thing or two about how to “relax” a man. (This is not meant to be ACTUAL therapy, it's all just for fun) She is playful and teasing and very much in control, you can tell, she loves her work. She is a sensual domme in every way. Her voice is deep and dreamy, yet it retains that hint of youthful sexiness. It's a voice you can easily get lost in. For fans of a variety of hypnotic techniques, she has a full bag of tricks. She begins with her soft brown eyes, and then moves to intensify your experience with a hypno-spiral. Finally, by using her sensual hand movements and your mindless repetition, she cements her ownership of your mind. From there, she turns your wrists into magnets and you will find your hands inexplicably locked to your sides while she begins a sensual, mesmeric dance. She encourages you to give in to your pleasure and enjoy the moment. Fans of hypnotic hands and swaying hips should really enjoy this! After a suitable amount of teasing and taunting, she will release your hands so that you can do, what you will be aching to do. And in that release, you will find the relaxation she promised. "Arousal Therapy", ia a sensual domination and erotic masturbation fantasy, but it does not contain nudity. The running time is 32 minutes. Copy and Paste this Link to Download a Full Quality Preview of "Arousal Therapy": https://www.box.com/s/bea98480331fba01a62e

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BBC Mouth Stretcher 4+ mins
Cum for the black men sissy fag boi 20+ mins
Fag Boi Loves black cock 11+ mins
BBC Lover 10+ mins
Musky Sweaty Ball Sack Addiction Sissy Audio 46+ mins

If you love BBC then this Audio pack is for you
5 of my best BBC loving audio clips just for you!
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Become Sissy Whore Sabrina

You have always wanted to be a sissy bimbo sex bot
Why not become the biggest cock sucking whore in town
Today I turn you into sissy whore Sabrina

Its time to become the whore you always wanted to be!!!

I will direct you
You will forever be a sissy whore

Sissy Whore Sabrina

Runtime 11:15
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Behavioral Control--Suggestible Mind

Length: 28+ minutes

Let Me tell you a secret, when your c*ck is hard, W/we are so close, closer than you can imagine...My warm sexy voice in your ear...as your subconscious mind sleeps, that's when I slip My words into your brain. My puppy, your hard c*ck is just one of the distractions that I use to trick your conscious mind to not pay attention...this is when your subconscious mind is most vulnerable. This is the perfect time to push My subliminal messages deeper and deeper into you, making it impossible to STOP. Don't forget, this is what I do to you...I am the EXPERT in this field. No one compares to your Domina Shelle.

My words become like sex to your mind, causing lasting effects.

My behavioral conditioning is exactly what you need now...My post hypnotic suggestions will stick to your brain...

This session is your COMPULSION.

Listen with your headphones on. This session is AMAZING.

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Bimbo Boudoir

You are invited into my sissy-bimbo boudoir where I will transform you into the perfect dumb bimbo. You have always has this secret dream to be all girly and to transform for into your own version of the big dumb pretty slut.... here among all the make up, wigs, heels, and lingerie I help you get dolled up and feel truly like a hypnotic bimbo.

In this lovely girly girl deep trance you will find yourself fully transformed and wanting to slip back on your little black dress and pink panties long after the trance is over... in fact each time you pass a mirror you will see your bimbo self! yes I use traditional hypnosis techniques and brainwashing, you will soon have a need to get dolled up again for Mistress Leslie.

Length: 22 minutes

Format: mp3 download 

Effects: yes, skillfully used

Music: yes soft

Overdubbing vocals: yes


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I have always loved this category: Amnesia. There’s something very thrilling about embedding notions and sensations in a listener, inducing a feeling of forgetfulness and then have them wake up in a state of pleasure on a number of levels.

I'm sure you want a description of this file, right? :-)

Here it is: Blank and mindless for Lady Radiance.

That's what this file is ALL about: you becoming completely relaxed, blank and mindless in trance for Lady Radiance, which is a delightfully addictive sensation, I'm being told :-)

That's really all you need to know, and you already know you want to listen to this. Just imagine; 36 minutes of a deep, dreamy, desirous trance by Lady Radiance.

Exactly what YOU want.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Audience: Designed for the male listener.

Duration: 36 minutes.

Music: Soothing sound of trickling water, floaty and dreamy music.

Special effects: Special amnesia inducing effects on certain words and phrases, post hypnotic trigger phrase.

Wake up command: 5-1 count down and Finger-snap.

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Brainwashed-Trigger Reinforcers

Length: 25 minutes

Beginning of Brainwashed Program-Phase II---Where I reinforce all of My brainwashing...all of My triggers will be forever IMPLANTED.
Gently putting all defenses to sleep, so that the brainwashing can be absorbed and nothing can stop it. Floating away into a dreamy blissful trance, My sugary sweet voice cannot be questioned, cannot be resisted and will not be ignored.

This is NOT for beginners.

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