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Enchanted Poppy

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Hypnosis is the drug .. and Enchantress Esmeralda is your personal addiction …

Enchanted Poppy brings you more of a seductive, poetically erotic experience as I bombard your senses with triggers of arousal, even bringing in a past trigger for back-to-the basics reinforcement, as I take your training to a whole new level of eroticism. You have asked how you can pleasure your Enchantress.  In Enchanted Poppy, not only will you pleasure me, you will achieve extreme pleasure from the pleasuring.

One of the things you are really going to love about this hypnotic experience is just how aroused and controlled you are going to feel. You will really want to let go and surrender to this poppy enchanted erotic experience! I wonder what happens when you really begin to surrender to the experience of this poppy induced hallucinogenic state of trance and you become aware of the hallucinogenic effects of the poppy over your mind, as you fall deeper down in your perfect level of trance.

You will love the feeling of having your face buried between My legs .... ready to worship Me .... addicted to worshiping your Enchantress .... and as you inhale ...  you will begin using that slutty mouth to service My Divine pussy, like a well-trained pussy slave......

It makes sense to dream about the things we’ve lost and the things we hope for, but it is time to dream of new things, and when you do, they will start to come true. Sleep and dream, dream of the new, in your poppy induced state of hypnosis.

Length: 53 minutes

Contains: Erotic Femdom Hypnosis, Guided Imagery Induction,  Mind control, Brainwashing, Hypnotic Triggers, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Whispers, Multi-Voice Tracks, Cunnilingus, Sensual Moans, Finger Snaps, Breath Sounds, Background music, Count Up



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Enhance Your Work Performance - Slave for Me!

Having trouble feeling motivated and focused at work? This program will make you My personal worker bee. Set to music with trance-enhancing binaural tones.
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Erotic Play - Now With Trance-Enhancing Binaural Frequencies

This file is My same, ever-popular Erotic Play audio hypnosis file, but includes brain-entrainment binaural rhythms to help even those who "can't be hypnotized" to learn how to reach a nice, deep trance state and become very good playthings for Mistress Penelope! Set to soothing music to lull the mind further under My spell.... Your training in this program not only plants arousal and pleasure triggers in your own environment, it allows me to turn your arousal on and off as easily as a light switch; to make you feel physical pleasure without even a touch; and to make it impossible for you to have an orgasm in Our sessions together until I release you with my trigger phrase, no matter how strongly your sensations build. It embeds quick trancing and wake-up triggers, too, which are convenient for trancing and waking you any time I like.

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FATHOM by Esmeralda

On Sale for a limited time 50% Off

You love when I hypnotize you and I explain how things really are, don’t you? 

You love when I humiliate and tease you, don’t you?

You love to feel My powerful control over your mind and body, don’t you?

You love when I hypnotically paralyze you, and squeeze you tightly, don’t you?

You love when I ensnare you into My sticky web, and use you for My perverse pleasure, don’t you?

Fathom is that, and much, much more!

… this erotic story begins with you slipping on your very tight fitting wet suit, and taking a deep dive into the mystical ocean with My Fathom Induction, where I pull you under, fathom, after fathom.

I am wondering right now, if you can even fathom, just how hypnotized, humiliated, controlled, manipulated, milked, and captivated you will be with just one listen of this powerful listening experience?

Fathom … where Beguiled meets Drive and you are Blindsided, over and over again, creating a chain reaction, within your pathetic mind and body.

I was challenged to write a script where I use the duo meaning of ‘fathom’.  Of course, the most logical and methodical way for you to experience the duo meaning of ‘fathom’ was to drop you into the ocean abyss, where you once again encounter the siren of your dreams, the one and only, Enchantress Esmeralda.

I pull out all the stops in this masterfully layered erotic experience, layering My powerful, beautiful voice with appropriate sound effects to create a mesmerizing, hypnotic adventure, where I bombard you with truths that are undeniable, because they are happening to you, right now, as I ensnare you in my sticky web, for My own perverse pleasure.

Can you fathom just how powerful Enchantress Esmeralda has become?  Do you dare step into My ocean lair to discover your own truths?

Can you Fathom being humiliated as you are slowly being milked and probed?

With each listen, you will discover more and more, about who you really are, and what My devious plans are, for you, My sticky boy.

LENGTH:  57 minutes

CONTAINS:  Hypnotic Induction, Hypnotic Deepener, Multi-layer hypnotic voice tracks, Background Whispers, Laughing, Sound Effects, Binaural beats, Breath Sounds, Finger Snaps, Hypnotic Triggers, Deep Humiliation, Mind Control, Brain Washing, Ocean Wave Background Music, and Count Up, Milking, Anal Play, HFO  DOES NOT CONTAIN Feminization.


All Rights Reserved

You may not post any of My recordings or videos anywhere without My direct approval and knowledge.

You may not use any portion of My recordings or videos for personal or public use.

You may not Sell or Share any of My recordings or videos.

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Feather.mp3 is a dreamy, floaty amnesia session with triggers, subliminal messages and the soothing sound of rain to accompany you on your seducing and irresistibly tempting path to erotic, hypnotic forgetfulness.

It is designed to pump your sleepy mind full of the most delightful and mesmerizing images and ideas and then convince you that parts of what I have said here and there seems to be miraculously forgotten. What you thought you thought wasnt thought at all, simply because you forgot to think it to begin with.

50 mins.

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Get Dumb and Dumber for Dicks

This is a mesmerize style clip that is good for the sissy brain that wants to become dick dumb and dumb for yummy cummies

When the sissy doesnt think about anything he sucks dicks much much better

First step: Listen while you suck your dildo

Final Step: Listen while you suck a real dick

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Hall of Mirrors: Return to Tessa's Chamber


It’s been awhile since you’ve last visited my brainwashing chamber and I’ve prepared something special for your return.
Since you’ve been so obsessed with my breasts since our last encounter, you’ll be easily lured into an all new set of hypno-traps on your mission to reach me. You’ll go from being breast-obsessed into being my helpless love slave.
Side note: Tessa’s Chamber files are simply fun boob-centric hypnotic romps in a fantasy setting and won’t interfere with committed servitude.
Recording Quality: Stereo
Length in Minutes: 38:49
Background Music: Yes
Subliminal Layering: Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: No
Topics/Fetishes: Breasts, brainwashing, hypnotic traps, confined space, paralysis, enslavement potion, helplessness
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Hypnotic CBT bY Annabel Fatale

Welcome to my pain fuelled tingle fest!

A true Voodo-esque masterpiece, you'll be taken to an extremely relaxing space using powerful meditative techniques, guided by my soothing voice an induction will lead you into t****e and gradually I begin to instils sensations within you. You suddenly notice that your penis is linked directly to the penis on the screen and that is where the fun really begins!

I allow you to experience my soft hand glide gently up and down your shaft as the tingling and sensation increase but, then things change as I being out the tools of punishment.

This is a full video file! Contains ASMR, anchors, triggers, special effects and a very sharp pinwheel!

WARNING: This file contains FLASHING and will also cause drowsiness so should not be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery.
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