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These are my top 5 CEI audio files.
I will teach you how to eat your own yummy cummmies

You will learn and practice and be able to do it on a regular basis

There is a nice variety here so you can try and experiment a few different way

Scared of eating your own yummy cummies?

CEI for the true Beginner 8+ mins
CEI for the1st time 11+ mins
CEI with Goddess Lana 8+ mins
Coffee Cum CEI for Beginners 3+ mins
Yummy Cummies in the morning 11+mins
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The Goon Plague MP3! Brainmelt! WARNING

I know you haven’t been feeling exactly RIGHT lately. Something has been off, to say the least. You have to trust me. You have been feeling endless cravings, yearnings, and something in your mind keeps telling you to go .. go .. go. I think I understand what you are going through .. you are displaying all of the symptoms of the newest ailment that is affecting most patients your age. I am sure you’re feeling a little fuzzy now, too .. a little mindless. A symptom is disorientation. Another .. is arousal and by the look of you .. I think I can say safely that without testing you .. you are being affected. It’s called Goon-69 .. or the Goon Plague. I know you might be nervous however, we have a cure. Please be patient and relax. You trust I am going to make you feel better, right? Good. Sit back, and I will begin administering the cure in just a few moments. There are a few things I’ll need you to do beforehand. Please get naked for me, and do not put on the robe that we have left for you … Clear your mind and take a few deep breaths before I begin giving you the goon cure. I will admit, patient, that you will begin to feel the symptoms more intensely before they truly go away. This means you will feel intensified pressure in your balls, increased arousal, increased addiction to sexy as fuck women, overwhelming urge to stroke your cock for hours on-end, an unfortunate sense of weakness, obedience, subservience to the goon hole .. why don’t you come in with me .. come into the goonhole .. dive in .. dive in headfirst. And let it begin. Let it take you over, let it pulse through your veins … The Goon Plague is coming to a peak and coming to convert you. Let the infection spread and change you from the inside out. It’s time to GOON. [Warning: May Cause Goon Addiction , May Cause Angel Addiction]

Let it fucking go. Let yourself go… and start jerking .. jerk .. jerk .. jerk .. let the plague pump through your bloodstream, let it throb through your body all the way down to your cock .. and pump .. pump .. pump your cares away. The goon plague is your new life .. and overwhelming yourself just like this is the only way to escape it .. but the more you stroke and stroke and stroke, the deeper you go .. Go fuckin’ deep. Go deep into the goonhole. Dive .. Dive … Dive .. hahah Dive! Let the infection spread .. let it change your habits .. your personality .. your mind .. your body .. your cock .. surrender to it .. stroke .. stroke .. stroke .. goon goon goon goon goon goon .. thats it .. keep going .. keep going .. you need it .. you need the goonhole .. you need the goon plague to convert you. Sink into your mind and jerk your dick for me .. the goon plague is incurable .. you will never stop gooning. You can’t stop yourself .. you can’t stop gooning. Gooning, gooning .. gooning.

Keep pushing deeper .. pump your dick in and out of your fist. You want to be cured, right? Hahaha how hilarious .. keep jerking and be grateful that the goonscape has welcomed you with open arms .. welcome to the cult .. welcome to the sickness .. welcome to your destiny .. your destiny as a gooner .. goon .. goon .. goon .. goon .. goon .. goon .. goon .. thats it keep going .. goon .. goon .. goon … goon .. you dont need those braincells .. gooning will slowly replace every part of you .. your habits, your personality, your entire self .. you are just a vessel for gooning .. goon .. goon .. goon .. it really is a plague but you arent afraid of it .. you want it to take you over .. you want it to use you .. you want it to fuck you .. you want it overwhelm you .. goon .. goon .. goon .. submit to it .. submit to the goonscape and jerk your dick .. jerk .. jerk .. jerk .. jerk .. jerk .. jerk .. thats it get lost in it … yes .. so fucking good, right? So good to lose your mind .. to submit .. to goon .. this is who you are .. who you are meant to be .. this is what you want .. you want to goon, you want to surrender to the pleasure .. this is the truest pleasure you’ve ever known. You are a true goon .. you'll never get better .. even when you think you've escaped the clutches of the goonhole, you’ll always get a thought .. an idea .. and that will reel you right back in and you wont even fucking fight it. Because you love it. You fucking love it. Jerk for it, goon .. jerk .. you need to .. you cant escape because this is who you are .. this is what you deserve .. you deserve true gooning pleasure .. let the sickness take you over. It will never end .. i promise .. you will always spiral right back down into the goonhole where you fucking belong. You need to be here .. you need to goon .. you need to jerk .. you need to pump your cock .. you need to surrender .. you need to submit .. you need the goonhole .. lets go even deeper, “patient” hahah you are no longer a patient .. you're a slave .. a bitch .. and slut .. a servant to the goonhole. Give in .. give in .. give in … and goon … . that's it! Even fucking deeper .. even fucking deeper now .. you aren't even close to being cured .. you don't want to be cured .. do you? Hahaha .. this will always be inside you .. like a disease … like a disorder .. you are a goon .. there's no changing that .. the goon plague only brought it out of you .. and now you can live to your full potential .. as a goon! Goon .. goon goon! You don't ever want it to stop .. do you? .. do you? Do you .. ? do you ???

Hm … very odd … are you alright there? You passed out when we administered the sedative and the cure .. it doesn't look like you're responding .. my best guess is that we have to keep you overnight .. in pure isolation. Do we have your consent? Good .. I will start transferring you. [FULL VIDEO CAN BE FOUND AT SERVEANGEL.COM]
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The Homo Zapper Become the Girl

Are you afraid of being the girl?

Are you afraid to be the Homo?

Well today I will mesmerize you into rubbing your sissy clit and becoming the girl of your dreams

Let all the triggers sink in for the permanent transition

Listen daily | Watch the girls be naughty | become them

Be Horny | Eat Yummy Cummies like they do | Be the pretty girl of your dreams

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The JOI 7pack

Get ready to be directed as you Jerk off I will Humiliate I will call you names while you wank Perhaps taste some yummy cummies for me ;) Lets have fun together Runtime 53:50

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The Submissive Lament

On Sale for a limited time 50% Off

In this erotic fantasy, Enchantress Esmeralda allows you to have 3 visitors, from your past, who come to visit you in her dungeon. Your visitors are someone who have each left a mark on your life (Teacher/Spiritual Advisor/God). After each visit, your Mistress allows you to make a choice, of whether you wish to reconnect with your past idol, or if you choose to continue your submissive training, with Enchantress Esmeralda. Your Mistress uses various wicked tactics to steer you into the appropriate direction, including her sexy, erotic attire and your humiliation. There is also an Affirmation for you to recite. This is a perfect Goddess Worship file. Welcome to Esmeraldaism, your new religion and belief! LENGTH: 57 minutes CONTAINS: Esmeralda Underground Induction, Deepener, Count up, Affirmation, Erotic story, FemDom, Humiliation, Mind Control, Brain Washing, Background Whispers, Laughs, Finger snaps, Background music. DOES NOT CONTAIN: Feminization TESTIMONIAL: My mistress just now finished listening to the SUBMISSIVE LAMENT... this is my favorite now onwards....the way you humiliate and seduce me in this file is wonderful. I was feeling divine sexual power ...I cum twice in this file and now onwards I'm officially changed my religion to ESMERALDAism....You are my GODDESS....I WORSHIP YOU daily 4 times.... early morning, after noon, evening and midnight... thank you very much my goddess.....you are my new RELIGION, FAITH, AND LIFE...... Ethereal by Punch Deck | https://soundcloud.com/punch-deck Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US Copyright (©) 2012-2020 ESMEROTICA by ENCHANTRESS ESMERALDA All Rights Reserved

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Tick Tock

TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK….you can’t help but submit and surrender to Me while I distort time. I'll control your mind and you will be under My spell. Like a ticking time bomb you'll cum on command when I say so after I mindfuck you deep and seductively. It’s inevitable that every time you listen you’ll be mesmerized deeper and deeper.

My voice is addictive, mind melting and arousing. 

Does it scare or excite you to know I'm a real hypnotist, darling? Yes, a Hypnodomme capable of taking you places you never dared imagine. This poetic rhyming file is but a warm up of what's in store for you.

Script written by the talented erotic stage hypnotist, Richard Anthony.


File contains:

Trigger word

Trigger sound

Cum command



Ms EroticHypnotic aka Ms Lisa


File length approx 14 minutes




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Time To Surrender

Are you ready to surrender your mind to Mistress, pet? Enjoy a unique clock induction as I slowly hypnotize you into deep trance and even deeper submission. This hypnotic femdom session will put you in an endless state of arousal each every time you surrender your mind and orgasm to Mistress Tessa. The clock resets with release and the anticipation and desire starts building all over again. Saying my name has never felt so good!

Those that have enjoyed Mine and White Space will most likely particularly enjoy this little gem! Intense Femdom brainwashing at its’ peak!

Release Date 6/24/2016
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 34:30
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
Topics/Fetishes Femdom control, deep hypnosis, devotional orgasm suggestion, mind control, mantra


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Turning Sissy Pat into a Cocksucking Whore

This clip starts out directing you to strip and to pull up some porn

You will need a dildo or at the very least you can use your fingers

You will be watching the girls giving BJ's while you practice giving BJ's

I even give you directions on how to give a nice blowjob

Then once you squirt you can rub your juice on the dildo and keep listing to the end repeat

Lick the cum sissy boi lick it and become a cocksucking cum eater

Runtime 10:17
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