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IQ Drop

Total intelligence draining. You see yourself as smart but it's time to LISTEN OBEY & STROKE stupid! 
During this trance session I start with conversational/covert hypnosis, and lead you deeply down into a hypnotic state. Once under for Me, I use the power of My own mind to rob you of your own braincells. I drop your lofty IQ so deep you are just a drooling idiot who needs to listen, obey, & stroke. 
This trance session features a conversational/covert induction, with traditional hypnosis elements added, a count down, and count up, NLP, relaxing music, delta brain waves added to make the trance state deeper, an arousal trigger, release trigger, post hypnotic suggestions, intelligence draining, JOI that means jerk off instructions,and delivers a very happy ending for your dizzy dumb little sweet mind! No worries silly boy, I give most of your brain cells back to you at the finish of the trance.
Length: 26 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: no
Music: yes light & soft with delta brain waves added  
Overdubbing vocals: no 
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JOI HYPNOSIS in english/german. Bilingual file. 1 sentence in english, then in german ...... with countdown, effects and binaural effects.
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Lady in the Lake


On a long walk through through the woods, you can hear her calling. There is a naked, beautiful woman calling out to you. You feel compelled to join her as you find her in the lake beckoning you. What does she want from you? Why can’t you resist? This fantasy hypnosis session will find you helpless to the call of the lady in the lake and the TWIST she has in store for you!

EXPLICIT Language Warning: This is just a warning for those used to my subtle style, the word FUCK is used several times in this session, in the sexy context of course!

Release Date: 08/10/14

Recording Quality: Stereo

Length in Minutes: 26:45

Background Music: Yes

Subliminal Layering: No

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: No

Topics/Fetishes: succubus, sex, breasts, energy exchange, fantasy

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Lamia Cocoon

The coils of the Lamia will Cocoon you... you will be powerless as I slowly weave My spell... and wrap My coils round and round you... hypnotizing you

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Learn to suck cock and rim butt holes


Are struggling giving a good blowjob?
Are your skills lacking?
Want to learn more???
Today I will guide you along. You can practice on your dildo or a real cock or your fingers
Wear headphones and follow along
Cock sucking is a skill that needs to be learned and Today I will get you started
Lets get started
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Leave It Behind


Hypnotic Stress Reduction File!

In this simple masterpiece I use My skills and knowledge of hypnotism to take you on journey to LEAVE IT BEHIND. As you’ll discover, Leave It Behind is a clever play on words.

Sink into My voice and leave all the stress and anxiety that's recently crashed upon us all behind you.

Perhaps your in quarantine, feeling isolated and lonely, have covid-19 or knows someone who does. This audio gently guides you be mindful and present, to let go of the tension your body and mind are holding on to.

Remember that you are not alone and we're all in this together. Be kind to yourself and others.

This audio is priced below My norm because I want all My good boys to have access to this must have coping tool. 


Ms Lisa 

File length 16:44 minutes


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Lick me!

You want to stroke? It won't happen. It' my pleasure that comes first. You will go deep into trance. Knowing that your tongue will serve me. Binaural beats, Commands, Orgasm, Induction.
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Liking Cock Isn't Gay, Right? (JOI)

Don’t worry, cock isn’t gay .. you just really prefer it to pussy! You have a cock and you think about it nearly every day .. that's not gay is it? You look at yourself in the mirror, you have male friends .. that's not gay, is it? You only love jerking off to coerced bisexuality porn, you don't go out into the world and suck and fuck cock, do you? Hehehe, maybe not .. even if you do, that's still not gay .. because you are worshiping your goddess, right? You only do it for her .. even though you cant stop thinking of cock .. you can't stop wanting cock. You need cock … you want cock .. you want to suck cock for your mistress .. it is true pleasure, isn't it? Its not gay when you’re sucking for your Mistress Angel .. Mistress Angel has a hold on your mind, gripping tighter just as you grip your cock .. pumping it in and out of your fisst. Your touching and jerking a cock right now, that doesn't make you gay does it? Exactly. It doesn't. [This is the audio from the video 'Liking cock isn't gay, right?' .. which you can find on ServeAngel.com ]
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